M.A.C S/S 09 Trend Presentation

I was asked by Andrew Berry of we-are-awesome to write a little bitty about the show for the site's blog, seeing as he is a boy and has no interest in makeup, I suppose. Yay for me that he is missing an X chromosome, because the show was amazing! M.A.C Senior Artist Lesley Keane gave us the 411 on S/S 09 trends, and we were given goodie bags containing products needed for the new season.

The 4 collections shown were Black To Earth, Revolutionary Nature, Artiface and Tendertone. The trends involved a huge turn to wet look effects.What used to be matte has been replaced by dewy, gleaming skin and natural country girl looks. I was happy to hear that black is back! Black lips, black eyes, greys and dark blues have made a return to runway. We also saw an introduction to colours that normally wouldn't be used on the face: hospital blues, pale greens, lavenders and oranges.

Lesley Keane brought out a barefaced model and demonstrated her Black to Earth look using the products we were given. When I got home, I delved into the goodie bag and redid the look step by step with the intention of posting it so you can all do it home : )

Photo of Lesley Keane: www.londonfashionweek.co.uk/.../44/122/2889.gif
Read an Interview with Lesley Keane here


  1. I heard of the Black to Earth, I'm waiting for it!Will you post the look?
    The little make up bag in my blog, do you know what collection is it from?

  2. Thanks for the answer doll!i love your lookbook btw!Keep posting!

  3. This totally reminds me of how obsessed I used to be of mac.


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