Underground in Berlin. (aka Bunker Me, Baby.)

Scouting the empty hilltop listening station, going down into Berlin’s underground bunkers; we’re investigating the abandoned spaces that the Cold War left behind. We’re meeting old soldiers who are telling us stories of a city filled with thousands of spies and governmental agencies. We’re exploring underneath the mysterious white domes at Teufelsberg that used to listen across the Wall, going across the city to Tempelhof Airport to chase down rumors of other supposed spy stations. and heading down into the mythical bunkers of Berlin to see what’s left. We’re putting our boots on and climbing through the city’s spy labyrinths, into the buildings that housed the hidden world of military espionage.
Now tell me that's not enough to make your panties twirl nasty.
Watch the video here.


  1. haha thanks doll. i love madlove. feel the same way about your blog. and this post. x

  2. oh berlinn i want to go back.love your blog x

  3. wow amazing photos

  4. Cool photos! Love it!


  5. those photos are brilliant!


  6. i've been there it's amazing everything echoes in those giant spheres! i always try and explain it to people and they have no idea what i'm on about!!



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