An interview with Das Kapital.

Me: Hey fucker, wanna do an interview for my blog?
Sorry i called you fucker but you definitely are one.

Das K: Yes.
And I know I am one.

Me: Cool.So your remix of Bon Iver's Skinny Love was # 1 on The Hype Machine 3 times recently. So are you like, famous now or something? And, for my non-hipster readers (do you guys exist?) what's The Hype Machine?

Das K: Basically, Hype Machine is a blog aggregator, that pools tracks from a large range of syndicated music blogs, and rates them according to popularity.
Being #1 was a shock to me, as I literally gave the song to a few friends once I had made it. I Googled it one day, just to check on it, and suddenly it was everywhere (YouTube, Hype Machine, Tumblr) getting serious plays and reblogs.

In effect, it makes me internet famous, so I have a really nice amount of internet money.
This is nice because I can now afford all the internet cocaine and internet hoes I want.

Me: Oh wow, sounds super nice. So why Bon Iver? I would think that that was a band no-one would dare touch.

Das K: When I decided to bootleg Bon Iver, I was in a really dark space, figuratively speaking.
There were a lot of unfortunate situations and decisions being made around me and I wasn't doing too well, so I took one afternoon off to just listen to music and think of something different to do.
I took Skinny Love because at that moment, it meant the most to me out of my entire music library, and I thought that be changing the song that made me sad into something slightly more upbeat, I could make myself slightly more upbeat too. 
When I was done, I put it online, saying I did it for whatever - love, hate and personal opinions notwithstanding. The people that liked it took it from there and started spreading it.

In that sense, it was a selfish endeavour, so really, I still don't believe in remixing Bon Iver, especially not if you're doing it for a club version or for blog fame. That would be sacrilege.

Me:I know what you mean, but you really pulled it off without angering anyone. Sorry to hear you were in a dark place, I'll let you know what makes me feel better when I'm sad- facebook stalking people I went to school with. Do you ever facebook stalk?

Das K: Haha! Yeah sometimes.
It's often really hit-and-miss though. Half the time I end up laughing, but sometimes I end up getting upset at how stupid people can make themselves seem or sound. People aren't really that stupid are they?

Me: They are. Are you on any prescription medication? I find it helps in dealing with these kinds of people.

Das K: Patrón. Only Patrón.

Me: Cheaper than Prozac I guess.
Do you get lots of ladies trying to sex you after you've played a set? Do you get such a thing as DJ groupies?

Das K: Funnily, you do get groupies every now and then - You'd be surprised, or potentially not really, at who crawls out of the woodwork once you start getting recognized for doing a good job.
It's like a small piece of celebrity they can latch on to. DJs have become the new rockstars. If you can get ahold of a good one as a groupie, even in Cape Town, well shit, you've gotten an internationally-released recording artist into bed with you. PAOW.

About trying to sleep with me - When there's alcohol and a high-energy DJ set involved, women seem a lot more ready to give you a chance, or to ask you for a chance, than before.HOWEVER. I HAVE STANDARDS, AUDIENCE.

Me: Sure. Have you ever been really wasted and played a set? I always like to watch DJs when theyre really drunk. You should play a set really drunk!

Das K: Nah. I get really buzzed off the adrenaline of playing a set, so I find alcohol brings me down too much. I like feeling precise and completely conscious of my actions when I'm playing because I keep my sets very technical and action-intensive when compared to a simple mix-in / mix-out style set.When I want to take shit to level 11, I have a few Red Bulls and then all hell breaks loose in my brain.One day, at something less serious than a club-night like a birthday, I may get ratted for the lulz, but for the professional stuff, I want to keep doing my job like I'm s'posed ta.

Me: So if someone were to, say, spike your drink, you would get mad?

Das K: No. I would get unconscious. You can haz kidneys?

Me: Sometimes. Well, thanks for letting me annoy you for the purposes of this interview. Any parting words for the hipster bitches?

Das K: Just one: "▲".

Stay tuned for next week's episode where I interview a Scientologist!


  1. such an awesome interview.
    i really like your blog !!!
    you have such akiller style!


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