Dinosaur Blood- A Review of P.H.Fat's New Album.

I haven't stopped listening to this album for 4 days straight and thought I'd better review this shit before every 16-year old in Cape Town starts making the lyrics their facebook status (have they already started? The only 16-year olds I have on facebook are the guys from Locnville).

The album opens with the track 'Dinosaur Blood'. Along with serving as the album's title, this track serves as an explosion of motherfuckery once it drops at 00.24. This song makes me feel like I'm being pushed through a maze on a wheelbarrow by an Italian sex worker. It's sexy without being forceful, it's beautiful without being pretentiously so. It reminds me of when I was 12 and used to rap in my mirror to songs I couldn't really understand the sexual context of, but all the while still feeling like a badass little bitch anyway. Even my significant other  
involuntary bobs his head to this shit, and he hates it when white guys rap.

There's something about these guys that people can't quite put their finger on. Questions surrounding Disco's sanity/hygiene still surface, doubled only by his appearances with Dank, performing as Sedgewarbler. I interviewed the two last year and felt like I had been thrown in the conversational deep end, with Disco pulling me down with him. 
( Watch part of the interview here. Please note that my drunk state is due to the free drinks and is not an indication of how much like Fran Drescher I sound). 
Aside from me repeatedly laughing during the interview and fucking the takes up, Dank and Disco were by far the most serious about their music, while still remaining effortlessly hilarious to talk to. 
That made me wonder- is Disco really a genius in a tweed suit?
Could these guys manage to stick it out and beat the clock of Cape Town cool?

(Note- I may have scanned one of my hairs along with the CD. I have a fucking mane. Deal with it.)

The album's 9th track, 'Flowers' certainly suggests so. For all 3 minutes and 55 seconds of this song, I wanna blow shit up. The only other song that has ever made me feel like that would be 'Smell Memory' by Múm. Not to say that these two songs are anything alike, in theory they are completely different. The only thing that links them is their astounding ability to make want to slit my wrists over a tennis ball and throw it against a blank white wall. Naartjie (who can also be seen interviewed in the video as one half as Zim Dollar Bill) must have descended from a planet farther into the galaxy than Krypton, because this shit is unbeatable. 100% undefeatable ( did I just semi-rap there a little bit for you guys?).

The second track, 'The Big Five', has been played in every car I've ever hitched a ride in, and features on every teenage mixed CD in Cape Town. This track is adolescent dynamite. The chorus is easy enough to remember when drunk, and the lyrics make superhorny, overzealous teens feel like they fit right in to any crowd. Humping included.  
Thankfully it is followed by something a little less "sung-by-your-kid-sister". The next track on the album, 'Freak', is the comedown to what Dinosaur Blood made you do to your privates. If you're got a blunt in your pocket and you used to have a crush on Lauren Hill, put this track on and light up right now. You won't be disappointed. This song is the true test of rap ability. Any fool can jump up and down to a high-energy track and touch himself inappropriately to entertain (think Waddy Jones. No, I REFUSE to call him Ninja), but a raw, gritty song like this can only be performed by an artist who knows what he's doing musically. While I used to think that P.H.Fat were a bunch of guys who novelty-rapped through their adolescence to find out that they actually had some talent in their twenties, this track was the ultimate paradigm shift. Track 7, 'Space Thug' featuring Spoek Mathambo (of Sweat X and Mshini Wam fame), almost feels as if it has been dipped in gold and played through the metaphorical clouds covering Mount Olympus. In every other song that Spoek has "guested" on (ie-anything he ever did with Waddy Jones),  he has completely stolen the rap thunder. Only P.H. Fat could feature Spoek Mathambo on a track and not be overshadowed by his genius. 

These guys are geniuses all on their own.




  1. pls can you upload the entire album for download?
    i'v beening looking everywhere for it??
    thanxx so much ^^

  2. i have looked everywhere for their album.
    I work at Look and listen and its not even on the system!
    I would so buy it, if i could find it!!
    But thnaxx anyway :)

  3. Fuck yeah this album bangs ! Great review.

  4. Just go to one of their gigs.. they give out the album for free as most musicians should. Albums should be seen as promotional material to market the live performances, and theyv'e got that down!


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