Who Else Has Had A Shit Week?

I have a feeling it's been a pretty shit week for everyone. If not, then I hope you appreciate it you lucky bitch.
I don't want to go too much into it, but I will say this: if you haven't told the people you love that you love them in a while, please call them and tell them. Right now. Even if it's out of the blue and they think you've gone a bit mad or are on drugs. Just do it.

I wore this outfit to study in. I find it's a bit easier to feel like a Law student when you aren't wearing black mesh and lace. I can't say I'm too thrilled to be wearing blue, but a bitch's gotta do what a bitch's gotta do, in order to pass the bar and represent you. ( I realize that that was, again, a mini- rap, and I do apologize. But not really.)

Here's a song to get you though the day. 

(Pee Es- looking at this photo, I realize it may be time to buy an iron. Does this mean I'm growing up?)


  1. hmmmm... nobody seems to be ironing their clothes

  2. absolutely gorgeous outfit and i'm totally with you on the awful week... even though it's my birthday week; it's just been horrible! x

  3. Irons schmirons. It all ends up getting creased again anyway. You are probably the most stylish Law Student around - black mesh and lace or no.

  4. It really has been a shit week. You look lovely x

  5. love this outfit! I hope we all have a better week soon! X

  6. beautiful picture!loove your skirt!!xx


  7. love love love the way your wear your hair, really awesome!


  8. Ugh, ironing is the worst! I miss living at home... my mom was a champion ironer.
    You look super cute, have awesome hair, and are a really good rapper. Who wouldn't want to be represented by a rapping lawyer? >D

  9. your header is genius!! and your outfit is great. love your long black hair.

    shall we follow each other (via google friends)? let me know =)

  10. your hair is off the chain - amazing!

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