GAH. Too busy to even look in the mirror lately, hence many days gone by of lipstick on teeth. If you see me on the streets looking like a dick, now you know why. I've been shooting almost every day of the last week, this is a crappy outtake from today. If I haven't answered your emails I'm sorry, I promise I don't hate you, I really will get on it! If it's super important, send me a threatening tweet and I'll know you mean business. 

On a happier note, this week I was interviewed by Emmy from Cult 73, you can read it here.

Hope everyone's having a great week and don't forget:

a) the Vamp open day on Thursday
b) the Lunar eclipse on Wednesday.

Yes, I am a loser who waits for lunar eclipses.
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  1. Astronomy is phenomenal. Kind of an astro-geek. But, sadly, I had forgotten about the eclipse on Wed *hides face in shame* But thanks for the reminder.

    Kick-ass interview, btw. Totes love your blog;)


  2. love. this pic.

  3. Lunar eclipses are one of the best things in nature. I have yet to see one with my own eyes,



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