I've recently been getting a lot of girls/gays leaving questions in my formspring inbox asking me for advice. Hence my new twice monthly advice post "GURL TALK".
Email me/tweet me/formspring me your problems and let's solve them together!
What kind of world do we live in if one gurl can't help another gurl out?

Okay, first off we have Becki, 19, from Norwich.

" I went through my boyfriend's texts on his phone while he was in the shower and found messages from a friend of mine containing x's and o's and a winking emoticon. My boyfriend's sent texts were deleted so there's no way for me to see what he sent her first to get that kind of reply. I don't have any evidence that anything is going on! Do I assume that something IS going on and confront them? him? her? We've only been dating 2 months but I RLY like him! WHAT DO I DO!?"

Dress like a slut, grab your gurls and hit the club. BBM him a picture of you on a hottie's lap. Wait for appropriate response. Go home feeling like a boss. (Also- dump that dickbag of a friend, she's a hoe you no longer need to know). YOU WIN.

Nicci St. Bruce- Agony Aunt Extrordanaire

Next up we have Lee ( male or female not known?), who said-

" I used to have a massive crush on my teacher and when he stopped working at the school I was at I was gutted. I saw him out the other night and he asked for my number. If he calls should meet up with him?"


That's all for this week. 
Don't forget to send in your questions! I'm always here to help out my gurls!

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  1. hahaha you are so cool! Looove your answers! ;)

  2. OMFG! Girl you are a nut! I'm gng to love this segment of your blog!

  3. AHAHAHAHA Funny!

    Come back soon, I'll be waiting for you!!

  4. you are a crazy bitch. good answers. ;]

  5. the best part about this is that you're not even playing. when you've given me this sort of advice, i've totally rocked shit with it. yeyas. best/worst agony aunt ever.

    PS... that picture of you... you look like middle aged greek woman. not so much of sexy.

  6. aaaha i love, love, love your blog design and all of your photos ^^... and that is some awesome advice

  7. hahahahaha! this is classic.. I loled


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