Heineken: Open Your World- SERENADE!

So the folks over at Heineken have put together a special something for the lovers this Valentines Day, and HERE IT IS!
Serenade Your Date!
This Valentines Day, you can send your loved ones a special something with the help of Heineken.  If you've ever felt like serenading a potential Valentine with a song that says everything you want to say (but better!), then check out Heineken's latest video in the ongoing "Open Your World" campaign: Serenade.

This video accompanies a Valentine’s Day Facebook App, launching 1st February. Clicking through from the video you can go straight to the App, where you can create your own fully personalized Serenade for a date in just 4 clicks. You must first select “Who” you would like to take on a date, “Why” you want to go out with them, and then decide “What” you want to do on your Legendary Date, and of course explain why your chosen Date should step out with you - “Why Me”. Once you have made your choices, your Serenade will be ready to send to your lucky Date.

Then it’s all about waiting to see whether you will receive a Yes or No from them. With a total of 640 different Serenades available (and in 20 different languages no less), you should be able to find the legendary Serenade that will bring you romance. It's simple as that!

Both you (the sender) and your loved one (the recipient) will have to allow the Facebook App to send and open the Serenade respectively. Supporting the App, Serenade Live is an 8 hour live, global event taking place on 9th February, which will be streamed on Heineken's YouTube channel. Full of live content, it's shaping up to be a great campaign that will see the world making connections everywhere! Sounds great, right?

Join in and let Heineken help you set your Valentines’ Day message to music and lyrics. Be part of the worldwide Serenade!

* The “Serenade Live” Event will be streamed live at the following local times:

London: 6pm – 3am / New York: 1pm – 10pm / Sydney: 5am – 2pm

* Twitter: @Heineken, #Serenade, #SerenadeLive

This has been a sponsored post by Heineken and Ebuzzing

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